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The stress management app that helps ease your anxiety, sharpen your focus & improve your sleep with effective strategies at your fingertips.

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Do your worries keep you up at night & leave you feeling distracted & stressed during the day?

With Contain Your Brain in your pocket, you’ll have the psychological tools & tips you need to help you worry less & worry better!

It’s time to free your mind from worry so you can focus on what matters most.

Achieve more, relax more, sleep more, enjoy your life more…

Worry less so you can LIVE more!

Reduce Stress & Anxiety: Contain Your Brain utilizes 'worry time' to help calm your mind, making everyday challenges more manageable.

Ease Anxiety

Contain Your Brain gives you the tools you need to create boundaries for your worries so you worry less & reduce stress!

Improve your Sleep: Contain Your Brain helps you unwind and rest better, leading to healthier, more productive days.

Improve Sleep

Set aside ‘worry time’ to address your worries effectively during the day so they don’t disrupt your sleep at night.

Focus & Achieve More: Contain Your Brain clears mental clutter, sharpening your focus & enabling you to accomplish more in every aspect of life.

Sharpen Focus

Don’t let your worries distract you from your goals. Clear away that mental clutter so you can focus more & excel everyday.

Who's Contain Your Brain for?

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Improve your well-being by decluttering your mind.

Learn to satisfy your brain’s need to worry—but when & where it suits YOU most. Before you know it, you’ll be containing your worry time to less than 30 minutes a day! Imagine what you can do with all your extra mind time!

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Enhance the well-being & productivity of your team.

Good mental health is great for business! The Contain Your Brain app offers you the opportunity to effectively support the well-being of your workforce.

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Schools & Universities

Empower your students to worry less so they can achieve success.

A valuable tool for students & their families! Contain Your Brain is an accessible & secure way to manage stress & anxiety, deal with academic pressures,  & enhance learning by helping students worry less so they can focus more.

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Health professionals

A practical, user-friendly tool to help your clients manage their worries.

Contain Your Brain offers a practical, user-friendly tool to help your clients manage their worries. Apply the evidence-based “worry time” strategy more easily and effectively with the support of this simple app.

Contain Your Brain is Simple, Scientific & Secure

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Contain Your Brain is easy to use & full of practical tips to manage your worries. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to worrying less & worrying better!

Discover how easy it is

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Contain Your Brain is based on a science-backed strategy & was co-designed by a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience helping people with worry & anxiety.

Check out the science

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Your privacy is our priority. We are one of the few mental health apps that do not collect your data! Your personal information is for your eyes only, safe and secure on your phone.

We don't store or track anything!


The Organisation for the Review of Care & Health Apps (ORCHA) recommends apps that  adhere to standards for delivering safe digital health.

Contain Your Brain app is Certified 5 Star Quality by the Educational App Store approved

The Educational App Store conducts independent reviews by experienced teachers & certifies & recommends apps for students, parents & teachers.
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Co-created by a Clinical Psychologist, Contain Your Brain is based on a scientific strategy for worry.

Your worries are safe!

Data privacy is at the heart of the Contain Your Brain app. We don't collect ANY of your data.

Data privacy is at the heart of the Contain Your Brain app.

Why? Because we know that positive change can only happen if you feel safe.

So our app does not collect any of your personal information & all your worries are safely stored on your phone with the security measure of your choice: face recognition, thumbprint scan, or passcode.

See, we’ve already given you one less thing to worry about!

The science behind Contain Your Brain

Learn about the scientific strategy behind Contain Your Brain

Contain Your Brain is based on the strategy of “worry time” ⏰
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I had a similar app but they collected your data and I didn't like it, so I am glad to know that this app doesn't collect user data.
Alanna R.
I love the idea of blocking out worry time!!
This makes so much more sense than just trying to stop worrying.
Frances G.
I like that the app lets you edit your worries, schedule worry times across days, and also export your worries.
Anna L.
Congratulations and very well done!! I will definitely be recommending this to my clients.
Stephanie L.
Love this concept! I have an 18 year old who suffers from anxiety, and I think this will help.
Karin S.
I’ve just downloaded it and started having a play, looks great! Can’t wait to share it with a few clients! Well done!!
Danielle G.
Contain Your Brain is a simple app that eases anxiety & stress, helping you sleep better, focus & achieve more.
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