April 14, 2023

Contain Your Brain for Rumination

Contain Your Brain for Rumination

Rumination is like a broken record of negative thoughts that just keeps playing over & over again in your mind.

You might be replaying a chat gone wrong with a friend or an embarrassing moment from years ago.

Either way, you’re probably so caught up in your thoughts that you end up spinning your wheels without actually making progress towards a solution (maybe because there isn’t one…).

Well let’s stop playing that old record & break free from this draining pattern of thinking that is taking up all your time & energy.

Contain Your Brain can help! Train your mind to worry for a set amount of time when it is convenient for you. In your worry time, learn to solve, accept & reflect your way to ruminating less so you can be more present & focused on the things that matter most.

We’ve compiled these helpful blogs for more info about how “Worry Time” can help with rumination, check them out!

Wellbeing Therapy Space: "Rumination: What Is It And How Do I Stop Doing It?"

The Anxiety & OCD Center: "Rumination"

The New York Times: "How to Stop Ruminating"

Mental Help: "Five Ways to Escape the Cycle of Rumination"

Anxiety & Stress Disorders Institute: "Managing Worry and Rumination"

Contain Your Brain quote symbol
I had a similar app but they collected your data and I didn't like it, so I am glad to know that your app doesn't collect user data.
Alanna R.
I love the idea of blocking out worry time!!
This makes so much more sense than just trying to stop worrying.
Frances G.
I like that the app lets you edit your worries, schedule worry times across days, and also export your worries.
Anna L.
Congratulations and very well done!! I will definitely be recommending this to my clients.
Stephanie L.
Love this concept! I have an 18 year old who suffers from anxiety, and I think this will help.
Karin S.
I’ve just downloaded it and started having a play, looks great! Can’t wait to share it with a few clients! Well done!!
Danielle G.
I want this!
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